TUTD Movie Database Search Help

Three ways to search more than 2,000 movies

1 | Filter movies by category. Pick a category to start, more to refine results.

2 | Start by typing a term, like a name or movie title, in the search box.

3 | Use a custom term to refine a category search in progress.

Hint: To search for a phrase (like "Star Wars"), use quote marks.

1 | Filter movies by category

Example: To find top-grossing PG-13 movies with smoking, released by Sony since 2010, select...

1 | Sample set > Top 10 weekly gross

2 | Release years, starting with 2010

3 | MPAA rating > PG-13

4 | Any tobacco > Yes

5 | Parent company > Sony

Hint: Results will update automatically after you pick a category.

2 | Start by typing a term in the search box

Example: Find a movie called Titanic...

1 | Enter Titanic in the search box (use quotes around a phrase)

2 | Click Search (or Return)

3 | Click any movie title to view its details

Hint: Unsure of a movie title? Consult resources like IMDb.

3 | To refine a search in progress, using a custom term

Example: To find top-grossing movies with smoking, released by Time Warner since 2002, associated with Brad Pitt, select...

1 | Sample set > Top 10 weekly gross

2 | Any tobacco > Yes

3 | Parent company > Time Warner

4 | Keep current filters

5 | Enter “Brad Pitt” in the search box (use quotes)

6 | Click Search (or Return)

Hint: You can require or exclude terms using + and - symbols. Examples: Enter big +blue drop in the search box to require that all matches include blue. Enter big blue -drop to exclude any matches with drop.